Tee Times
Event 1 - June 1  
 Event 1 

Event 2 - June 8       

 Event 2
Event 3 - Jun 15        
 Event 3
Event 4 - Jun 22     
 Event 4
Event 5 - June 29

Best Ball - Jun 134:00 Shot Gun
Event 6 - Jul 20

Event 7 - Jul 27

Event 8 - Aug 3

Event 9 - Aug 10

Event 10 - Aug 17

Best Ball - Aug 24
 4:00 Shot Gun


Schedule and Tee Times
print your own copy  (updated 6/17/2017)

2017 Clarkfield League - Handout      print a copy

  • Start Date: Thursday, June 1, 2017

  • 10 Weeks Regular Play – 2 Best Ball Events

  • Rain Dates: June 19 and or July 24 and/or August 7, 2017

  • 2017 Dues $225.00 with $35.00 retained by League for prizes and events.
    Montevideo Club Members pay only $35.00.

  • Dues payable first night of league play

  • No Give-me’s, Putt Out All Holes, Winter Rules apply, all other rules
    remain the same

  • Tee times can be made starting at 12 noon on Thursday for following week’s play

  • No Sub for Best Ball

  • Partial Sub List:

Tom Listul                         669-7190               Adam Isaacs                  507-317-5837

Jon Clauson                       269-8591               Bill Mikkelson             605-520-2275

Tim Radermacher             269-9047           Woody Tollefson                 564-3963

Todd Risa                          669-7214                Gary Luckow                       269-8600

Bob Lauritsen                    269-1730               Rodney Jans                        269-6002

Mark Long                         669-7619               Dave Smith                           226-0247

Larry Anderson           320-226-2009          Greg Manning             507-317-5836

Wes Husby                         669-4842              Scott Mauch                507-317-5835

Dan Larson                  320-444-6460           Ron Risa

Adam Isaacs                507-317-5837              Murray Finger             320-226-8900

This is our 28th year here in Montevideo.  Clarkfield Golf league will start on Thursday, June 1st.  We have teams locked in place of the 2017 season, also there’s a substitute list with golfers waiting for a call to take your place if you need them.

Golf fees will be $225 for the 12 weeks, $190 for green fees and $35 for golf league dues (used mainly for best all nights and tournament prizes on the last night of league).  This fee will be payable on the first night of play to the Clarkfield Golf League.

Play will be on all 18 holes, half will golf the front 9, and half the back nine- with alternating weeks.  Again, there are rules that will need to be followed, if you have been in the league for years you know these by heart.  For newer members, this is how it works:

Be on time and ready to go golf at your tee time.This keeps our league on schedule.Tee times will be 10 minutes intervals, starting at 3:30 – 5:20 pm. PLEASE REMEMBER TO CONTACT YOUR OPPONENTS SO THAT THE TEE TIME WORKS OUT FOR BOTH TEAMS!

If you or your partner cannot be there to golf it is YOUR responsibility to find a substitute to play for you. 

  • Enclosed is a list of possible subs, otherwise you may find your own.
  • League rules state that you must be at least 16 years old to substitute; you must be 18 years old to golf as a member.
  • Be sure to write your subs first and last name and handicap on the scorecard.
  • New Rules:
  • A substitute must put his handicap on the card by his name. You can guesstimate if you’re not quite sure.If there is a sub in your foursome remind him of this rule.If nothing is down a score of 48 will be used as their average for that week if that person subs again their actual score will become their average.
  • If you have trouble finding a sub call your opponents, they may have some ideas.

Don’t forget to turn in your scorecard to the Pro Shop after golfing, if it is not turned in the league bookkeeper will award 0 points for that round.

Cart Rentals:If you rent a cart for 9 holes the Pro Shop will charge you the 9 hole rate.If you use it for 18 holes the club asks that you pay for the additional 9 holes.We have agreed to abide by this.

Try to use the cart paths whenever possible.Drive responsibly with goof golf course etiquette.

Tee Time can be made up to 1 week in advance.The Pro Shop will not accept any calls for tee times before 12 noon the week before.You may make a tee time in person at 11:45 the week before.  This will be strictly enforced.

Gold tees can be used for anyone 70 or older if they prefer.

There will be a sign-up in the Pro-Shop 2 weeks before BEST BALL (NO SUBS WILL BE ALLOWED!!)

Golf on Thursday, June 29th will be mid-season 4 man best-shot tourney. Shot gun start at 4:00 (mulligan & skins games & prizes)

The final night of league will be August 24th.This will be a 4 man best shot tournament with a 4:00 shot gun start. Be there at 3:30 to sign up for mulligan & skins game.

If League play is canceled due to weather we will make up on Monday June 19 and/or Monday July 24 and/or August 7th.

Golf before League time will pay 9 hole rate, golf after league free, golf car fee is $5.00.
For information on standings, tee-times, menu specials, etc.

The Crossings website is www.montegolf.com

 If you would like to post your email address, please leave it with the Pro Shop.

 Again this year we will have a $500 prize for 1st – Hole in One. 
                  (Pay on only 1 per year.)
 $5.00 entry fee.  Money goes to league if not paid out.

Everything else in the league remains the same, if you would like to participate in the “Closet to the Pin” contest you can easily sign yourself up by placing your money in the can before teeing off.  "Money is the Jar" will be distributed out with a drink ticket for long drive, holes #3 and #14, an money for closest to hole on #8 and #11.  The winners will be posted each week to see who won and how much they won!

The board is always looking for ways to improve our golfing experience.  If you have ideas please talk to us.  Any memorable events during league should be noted; maybe we can use them on fun night.  

We hope everyone has a fun-filled summer of golf!

Your Boards of Directors are:

 Ron Schlenner, Byron Handeland, Aaron Enevoldsen & Rick Schwachtgen.
Thank you for your participation!

2017 Clarkfield league

Event 1 - June 1
 Event 1 

Event 2 - Jun 8         

 Event 2
Event 3 - June 15  
 Event 3 
Event 4 - June 22
Event 5 - June 29

Best Ball - Jun 13      4:00 Shot Gun
Event 6 - Jul 20

Event 7 - Jul 27

Event 8 - Aug 3        

Event 9 - Aug 10

Event 10 - Aug 17

Best Ball - Aug 24
 4:00 Shot Gun