The Crossings is a semi-private golf course, which means if you live in the Montevideo Zip Code (56265) you must have a golf membership to play between Memorial Day and Labor Day.  

Reciprocal Memberships for 2018:

Benson Golf Club, Lake Miltona Golf Club & Ortonville Golf Course are participating in our reciprocal membership program,  At All courses, green fees are FREE but cart rental is required.  Call ahead for Tee-Times some restriction may apply.

Members of The Crossings will be required present their "Member Card" upon arrival at Benson, Lake Miltona or Ortonville.  Please stop in the Pro-Shop when the course opens to get your new 2018 membership card. 

New Members are also eligible for a 10% discount off of any regular priced membership.  Pass the word on to your friends!!

Automatic debit and corporate members are available, contact the ProShop for more details.  

Pricing list below includes 6.875% sales tax.

2018 Membership Dates

We continue to offer the cash discount of 10% if paid on or before December 13th, followed by a 10% gift card you will receive if the regular price membership is paid before January 17th, 2018, or a 5% gift card if the regular price membership is paid before February 14th 2018.  Three different options correlated to three different dates.  

The Crossings 2018 Membership Schedule
Family* $1, 300.00
Couple 1,230.00
Single 895.00
Young Family/Couple (under 30 yrs) 770.00
Young Single (under 30 yrs) 600.00
Age 18 and under 200.00
College Student (fulltime) 25 & under 250.00
*Family includes children living at home through the summer of High School Graduation
Distance Membership
(Main Residence 35+ miles from Club)
Single 500.00
Couple 750.00
Cart Lease - Single Seat Only 450.00
Cart Lease - Two Seats (Family Only) 600.00
Range Pass
Family 199.00
Single 169.00
Cart Trail Fees 195.00
Electric Cart Storage & Trail Fee 400.00
Gas Cart Storage & Trail Fee 380.00
USGA Handicap 30.00
Club Storage 30.00